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Light & Motion Taz 1200
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 Light & Gabardine Cotton Cap In Khaki Motion may be not used to our neighborhood, these guys have been around for more than 20 years.  And it shows.  Their line up of products will be impressive to say the least, and more, is nicely different for everyone’s requires and budget.  Light & Action will hook you stone island wool jumper up with a light that is ideal for late night hiking, cooking, etc that fits perfectly on your stone island wool jumper head, for strolling as a result of the corner store in your singlespeed at dusk or ripping through single-track in the again woods stone island wool jumper at 3am during a 24hr mountain biking event.
The Taz 1200 is an ideal example of versatility.  It fits beautifully on your bike handlebars without taking upwards much room in any way, making it perfect for everyday commuting in the the.m. or r.m., but with it’s remarkable 1200 lumens this compact light can brighten up the darkest of mountain biking hiking trails at night.  Another nice touch is the lack of old-school batteries- merely plug the Taz 1000 into any tiny USB charger and view it come back to life.  Made with pride inside California (like all their products), the Taz 1200 will certainly brighten your day.