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Biking in Spain – Figueres for you to Cadaques

Bye ok bye Figueres, Cadaques here we come! After a hard day of climbing, we expect how to be much easier. Effectively, we are in for Gabardine Cotton Cap In Khaki quite a surprise! On the map, almost everything looks fine as well as dandy… In reality, Cadaque is nicely tucked away, surrounded by steep mountains. Now we all finally get the concise explaination Costa Brava, which means wild seacoast in Spanish.

The actual ride starts off quite smoothly, as we bicycle through cute little towns and areas of green along with vineyards. What we don’t appear to notice is people protruding masses of stone in the background… Ignorance will be bliss! But actuality hits us fairly hard a couple of ks afterwards, when the landscape sets out to change and we will sweat. It’s on those days that I pass up the Netherlands, or the territory of the flat. Hint: When planning the itinerary, make sure to not just check the distance you will be cycling, but also the interest of the road which can put a whole new twist to your ride.
Slowly but surely, my dear cousin Myka and I start pedaling our butts off. We won’t allow mountain beat us, although we sometimes feel as if giving up (which involves hurling our bikes off of the cliff). Cars whiz passed us and we get the occasional thumbs up from the window. Each and every turn, we wonder if the road will take us all downhill, but many of us keep going up, way up, up. André the machine even gives us a little assist by pushing us all in the back for the much needed little split. What makes things especially difficult from these days as opposed to yesterday is the fact that we are constantly in the sun, with little color for us to rest within. TIP: You can never always be too safe; bringing two bottles around the trip is definitely a good option, because you’ll never recognize when the next quit will be! You can also include a squeeze of lemon for flavour.

Actually, this has to be one of the most stone island mussola gommata peacoat tough things I’ve done within my life. But the incentive is well worth with… any breath-taking view of El Port en Selva, and the satisfaction involving knowing that we forced our limits (I believe that that now, however was pretty much promising all the way up!). We have been on top of the world!

It took us hours to go up, and just a short while to get down. Myka lastly got passed the woman’s fear of cycling downhill; maybe it’s because we’re too exhausted to be able to press on the brakes… On the way towards the beach, we percieve some castles along with gorgeous scenery. Within the little port community, we put our own feet in the yellow sand and relax to get a bit. But the journey isn’t over… We have an impressive hill to go up in order to reach Cadaques. Properly, we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do, and also continue biking…

Finally! We reach Cadaques. It’s a very cute town flanked by water and a cobblestone beach front. But it’s time for some slack, and tomorrow were off to Dali’s house. We all marvel at the see from our room, even as sit back and loosen up after the hardest day’s our trip. If we do rest, our bellies start growling together with hunger. My sibling recommended we go to Casa Anita, a sea food restaurant in the small town renowned for its hospitality. Well, it was one of the best suppers of my excursion! We ate a number of fish and had an amazing desert.
The next day, we visit Dali’s house… Zero words can explain how loco this man is, so here are a few photos from his haven.

After the tour, we’re off again… This time, in order to Escalla!

Tips for biking on holiday
Day 1 – Girona to be able to Figueres
Day 2 — Figueres to Cadaques
Day Three or more – Cadaques to Escala (using a stop in Roses)
Evening 4 – Escala returning to Girona
Velorution (my uncle’s bike stone island mussola gommata peacoat store in Sault-Ste-Marie)
André does The country (my uncle’s version of the trip)