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The Art of Parkour: When outdoor pursuits meet up with performance art

Lots of people have been talking about the Montreal parkour movie, MTL 551. You will see the trailer here. We had arrived so impressed, we’ve got in touch with one of the performers, Manu, for a little Q & A.

What manufactured you start doing parkour
Once i was quite small, my friends and I might climb everything and also everywhere. In trees, on school roofing, on stores. Then we saw a movie. Yamakasi. It absolutely was the first movies that truly showed parkour. We quickly did some research online to find out more. That’s when all of us found a bunch of video tutorials with European children doing different acrobatics within an urban environment. Then we seriously got into it.
What will keep you motivated to keep on doing it
The main reason is simple: Because I get pleasure from doing it. I like the particular creative side in order to parkour. By that I mean using the urban landscape and your system to create a motion, any movement and to check out the possibilities offered to all of us by our environment. The actual curiosity to keep on trying, in different situations, something new. Not only that, yet parkour is an excellent exercise.
Just how did you find the principle for the video
Initially,  Jean-Philippe and I, we’re long-time pals, just wanted to make a parkour movie. Jean-Philippe had just completed a degree Arts & Press Technology at the  cégep de Jonquière and he had the required experience make a high-quality product or service. That’s why he did not want to simply make a regular video, like we see a lot of. At first, they wanted either a documentary or a mini-series. I had not been so keen on the particular documentary idea and then we went for the mini-series along with thought of separating points by neighbourhood. At first, I was supposed to do all the episodes on it’s own. We started with Chinatown. When we moved on to the Level, I injured my personal ankle. We were genuinely bummed because we actually thought we had a fantastic, original and interesting thought.

I suggested all of us continue shooting, simply the help of my friends that do parkour with me. Since they were really into the idea, the work evolved into MTL 5-5-1
How did you choose the neighbourhoods
Your neighbourhoods were chosen in terms of supplying the most parkour possibilities through their architecture. In addition they happen to be the most popular with regards to tourism.
What do you think involving people’s reactions for the video
We’re really happy. Our mission was to show yet stone island junior grey jumper another side of Montreal in the mean time making parkour better known on the public at large. I’m we’ve achieved this stone island junior grey jumper particular.

What do you do in the winter or Garment-Dyed Chest Pocket Cotton T-Shirt in Orange 2015 perhaps when it’s raining
All of us have different methods of staying fit. Some of us go to conventional gyms to strengthen our muscles and stay ready for forthcoming summer while others learn artistic gyms exactly where they can practice brand new movements. Very few of us really practice parkour outside throughout the winter.
How many several hours a week do you dedicate to parkour
That depends on everyone. We work or even study, so it actually varies depending on when you ask the question. During the summertime, I’d say the average is 10-15 hours but sometimes more when we have been on vacation.

Other than 551, precisely what are your favourite parkour video clips
My favourite videos are those with Daniel Ilabaca, a European who has an exceptional way of moving and an electric creativeness.
What kind of shoes can you wear when you’re in action
That depends on what I am doing. I like running sneakers for their grip and sturdiness, but I also like thin-soled shoes since their give you a superior sensitivity.
Which kind of clothes do you don for parkour
I largely wear cotton jogging pants that are unfastened enough that I am certainly not limited in my movements. They also help protect a small bit. For the leading, t-shirt or tank-top.