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Bergans Of Norway: Height Sports Adventures throughout Oslo

If there is another thing you take from this Gabardine Cotton Cap In Khaki article about my travel ramblings, it is stone island jas nederland this: some out of doors brands have a story, but Bergans of Norwegian has a history.

Never allow the Michael Fitzgibbons album reference detract from this idea. About three (much too quick) times in Oslo made me know that Bergans is a brand which requirements more love throughout North America. Why
They were there when Amundsen, and later Scott, reached the To the south Pole on 12 14, 1911. They were presently there when Sir Hillary risen Everest. They have exploration of their blood, and it shows in how they you must do everything.

After a day of finding Oslo, including a much-failed Troll quiz, I became keen to see exactly what this powerhouse Norwegian brand was all about. 1st, know that when the Scandinavians talk about environmental conscientiousness, they indicate it.

They had a saying that I really adored hearing while together with the Bergans team: What we adore we will protect. Their dreams include 75% of their merchandise to be bluesign approved, 100% of the down to be accredited (achieved next year), to offer sustainable training to their staff and vendors. Currently all packaging is from sustainable resources (plastic bags produced from oyster shells), and they deliver their garments unsuitable for sale to a non-profit with regard to reuse or trying to recycle.

I learned other activities as well, like any time Bergans of Norway kicks a fashion show they are doing it with all the background and fervor that they put into their collection. The idea took place at the Fram memorial where you can touch/walk on the Amundsen vessel used to make it to your south Pole. I really like the fashion show came about ON the boat. Literally. I had been in the rigging shooting big blondes walk the stone island jas nederland cat stone island jas nederland strolls. Yes, anther thing checked off the ol’ suitable container list.

The fall 2016 wintertime collection looks interesting. The colour blocks, cuts and quality are common there. It is just a matter of North Americans learning about the previously mentioned history and quality in which separates Bergans form competition.

The Bergans of Norway Collection is available at Altitude-sports.internet