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Flooded in Costa Rica
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*** WARNING: Sensitive people beware, this article consists of explosive content***
Which is to claim that the article includes presentation fit for a sailor man. On the flip side, appreciative hearing may enjoy this post to a soundtrack provided by Sébastien himself. Have a good listen along with a great read!
Véro Elevation
Flooded in Cr

Hello my friends,
For anybody who assume that I’m suntanning in the Sun, surfing by means of life surrounded by the baby birds in bikinis since you’re stuck in the cold, wet tumble: let me lift your mood a little.
For two days now it’s been pouring harder and harder with each passing day. I came down last night to see a friend I was wakeboarding with this past summertime in Santa Theresa, Costa Rica. It is such a dead season here that a lot of of the shops and restaurants have shut down for an indeterminate length of time due to the rain. It’s been serving at least twenty in order to twenty-two hours a day. The noise of the rainfall is not really soothing, and about three of the four paths out of where I’m staying collapsed yesterday.
Beached Vessel
I departed Nicaragua the other day morning at 8-10 am. The boundary crossing lasted through 9 to 10:30 as our bus was researched top to bottom. We persisted until Barranca, where I used to be ejected from the coach in an incredible downpour. On the brightside, I barely avoided a a few kilometre traffic jam where construction was underway further up the road. They’re developing a brand new auto route in which they’ve blasted through the mountain and, as well prepared as they are, the defensive fencing on the high cliff side was disregarded. So, with the recent rainfall (109 cubic meters this particular month as opposed to the typical 25), there have been massive landslides in several locations and others where the pavement features simply crumbled, creating dense gaps in the highway. Could someone make sure you tell the Gods which we’re still 2 years from 2012 for Christ’s sake
So there I am using my pack, my surf board along with my guitar to the side of the road hoping for a clear chair taxi to materialize and take myself down the other hand in the road to the sketchy little area called Puntarenas where I can catch a ferry. The hotels all hire by the hour there, and just yesterday morning a corpse was observed flying down the river, its head and ft missing. An enormous alligator recently emerged from the marsh on account of flooding and, after you have killed it along with cut it open, several locals found a new stomach full of man bones.

A brief relief
Finally, after 45 minutes of wringing my own clothes out on the inside of the road as well as the cursing of my luck as the world goes by me by, a taxi approaching along with flag it lower. We strap down my board as well as drive off, wipers broken, of course. The lack of visibility managed to get about as safe and sound as driving with about 25 beers in my system, not that I’ve actually tried, as far as I can remember. We arrived at a stop, you’ve got to be kidding; I do well at fixing his or her fucking wipers, and we get to Punterenas 5 minutes too late for that ferry… awesome. The next boat arrives 2 hours later as the sky starts to blacken. We’ve been crossing regarding ten minutes when the engine sputters off. We go in the black peace without a sound. The looks on the faces with the others are all pondering “is this normal ”, “is vid joke ”. The generator sputters back to life, cool. We’ve already been 2 hours in spanning. At this point I might rather be spending the night for the deck. We appear, at long last, in Paquera to keep by bus on an hour and a half. It’s a new bumpy ride along with the children are spilling his or her stomachs. The bus puts a stop to at Cobano, incapable of ongoing along the haggard roadway. I have found myself packed with the business of five others in to a little taxi for an additional hour along the many miserable terrain up to now. Car sickness is actually added to my marine sickness that hasn’t nevertheless faded and then increased by the blasting air-con that is preventing your windows from fogging up. Every time My partner and i roll down the eye-port Cotton Shorts In Black for fresh air the driving force shouts at myself about keeping their interior dry. We he cares much about keeping their interior dry exactly why is the idiot generating cab in Cost Rica’s banging rainy season In spite of it all, I have showed up.
The nose along with tail of our board have worsened through yesterday’s journey. It could possibly have been prevented basically had taken preventative actions and paid $10 in Nicaragua, but the guy wouldn’t decrease his price and also, too proud to reduce in negotiation, I put it off. Now I’m looking at a bill upwards of $45 using the added damage, but it wouldn’t have been possible anyhow since the resin is stone island hooded camouflage sweat jacket determined by UV rays to cure appropriately. On the up part, the waves are horrible thanks to tropical storms Nicole and Matthew.
So to repeat, no sun, undesirable waves, very few tourists, and it’s going from bad to worse since its meant to get worse before that gets better. There is rain absolutely just about everywhere. It’s impossible to catch a single ray involving sunshine. There are landslides from Mexico to Columbia. Long live the actual rain.
I’m really not confident what I’ll get up to another location couple of weeks. They’re calling for rainfall over the next ten straight days. As for the rest of the month, the actual predictions aren’t out, yet I’m willing to wager that things will stay soaked. Worst case scenario, I can catch a plane towards the Caribbean Coast in which things are a bit hair dryer, but there’s no good browse. In any case, I haven’t decided. We’ll see how it goes.
Our beds tend to be moist and far via drying.
I hope I’ve elevated your spirits. I’ll have to stop here as water levels are quickly rising.
*Facts taken from Chicago Nacion newspaper
**This article ended up being originally published Marly 11th, 2010 along with updated May 5th 2012.
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