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SAXX Underwear Co: knowing the underwear revolution

We have written about pantyhose, mid-layers, shells and every level in between, at least all of us thought we had so far. A few weeks ago we’ve got to play with SAXX Panties, a Canadian organization that has been turning brains with its underwear because its appearance on Dragon’s Den.
So what is pink stone island coat all the hype about
Photograph credit: SAXX Underwear
Your underwear was created after the owner pink stone island coat went on an angling trip only to possess chafing in the one spot chafing can really affect’ a man.  An thought was born.  Why not separate and conquer As well as conquering is exactly what SAXX is doing. Everyone from our employees to Major League baseball gamers and actors tend to be wearing these skivvies.
Each pair is fitted together with patented mesh sections which keep the bag apart from the thighs, as a result preventing chafing of any kind, regardless of level of sweatiness. It is this technologies that separates SAXX <img src="http://www.stoneislandmen.com/images/2016/classic pink stone island coat stome island mens suit dark green.jpg” title=”Classic Stome Island Mens Suit Dark Green” alt=”Classic Stome Island Mens Suit Dark Green”> from it competition. Combine that with articulated bags, moisture-wicking waistbands, and technical fabrics, and you have a single heck of a package deal (sorry).
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