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Upon arriving inside, the sheer dimensions and scale in the venue and the demonstrate was breathtaking

After arriving inside, your sheer size as well as scale of the location and the show was breathtaking. The Stazione Leopolda, constructed in the 19th century like a major railway train station, formed a magnificent history for the exhibits, almost all high ceilings and also stone archways, industrial durability and resilience adding to the rainbow palette of colours and fabric on display.

The display had been designed artfully by simply Messrs Foxton and Griffiths, dividing your pieces into a compilation of ten “rooms” focusing on the study, experimentation and fabrics that are at the heart of the trademark. Displays were in theory alarmed but visitors were able to walk in close proximity to almost every piece as well as touch them. And you also certainly could not neglect to want to do so.

The very first area was focused on Coatings, Treatments and also Dyeing Techniques. Over Hundred pieces were presented in this section on your own, including the original Telas, Toffee Wrappers, Vinyls, the particular NOC-1 and many, many more. In the heart of the space, a separate stained amphitheatre housed a set of Reflectives, quickly ablaze the moment gentle struck them.

At every turn you saw another piece you’d give body parts regarding, a pair of Cheap Stone Island Hooded Down Vest silver covered pieces from 1986 particularly attracted our consideration.

Eventually dragging yourself away from the opening amazing things, area two had been the Chromatic Room, an interesting set up showing the method whereby Kevlar, Reverse Color Process and Mussola Prismatica Cheap Stone Island Hooded Down Vest textiles are produced through severe dyeing techniques.

Room Several we could probably have accomplished without given the mid-day temperature had arrived at nearly 40 certifications but Compact is amongst the wonders of Natural stone island and the Water Room highlighted the effect of dyeing garments under pressure at 130 certifications. Shrinking garments simply by over 50% and still preserving garment integrity is a few science.Next up has been the Shadow Project – stalking appropriately in the pitch-dark corners Stone Island Ribbed Beanie Hat In Grey of the venue. Another set of realistic mannequins in formation showing a range of pieces in the collaboration with Errolson Hugh and also Michaela Sachenbacher of Acronym.

The fifth section was one of our personal favourites – Works. Originally borne out of your Serie 100 short-lived womenswear experiment, which in turn featured pieces made out of a continuous thread of nylon, there were some very unusual pieces on display, including a fabric called Monobava that neither of us had seen previously. It is obviously a transparent plastic monofilament mesh protected by the double layered clear micro polyurethane video which creates a desperate, almost bubble-gum like consistency. The jackets were dyed a superbly electric colour.