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Arcteryx Atom LT vs Arcteryx Atom SV

You’re looking for a winter coating that’s both light and also versatile Great for sports endeavors and for city life Good news, Arc’teryx has been thinking of you!

Arc’teryx’s Atom string is made for you. Through the Atom LT to the Atom SV, via the Atom MX, you will find something right for you. What’s that you just say Sure the Arc’teryx Atoms are attractive, practical and performance oriented, but how to chose Well, that’s one of several services I offer. Read the following to better find the perfect coat.
I recommend you buy the 3 since you never know which weather will sneak up, not to mention that they’ll last Three (three) times so long as! Joking aside, that’s not really what I recommend. Of course, I do work for Altitude-Spors yet be aware that this fine company has a lasting vision, which implies integrity, dedication and credibility. Ok, let’s get down to organization, comparing the Atom LT and also SV.
Winter’s just around the corner so I’m going to leave the MX out there for now. Let’s start with the similarities. They’re light and also highly packable. That’s key, immediately. They’re both insulated using what Art’teryx calls Coreloft, which is their in-house synthetic 40 inch stone island jeans insulation.
Although down is the hottest known insulator per bodyweight, its major drawback is that it becomes ineffective when wet. Manufactured insulation like <img src="http://www.stoneislandmen.com/images/2015/Down-Jacket-Winter-Jacket-Men-Coat-Long-Thicken-IN-darkblue.jpg" title="2015 Down Jacket Winter Jacket Men Coat Long 40 inch stone island jeans Thicken IN Darkblue” alt=”2015 Down Jacket Winter Jacket Men Coat Long Thicken IN Darkblue”> Coreloft involving Primaloft, keep some of their insulation when wet. Another thing they have in common is because they are both protected using a very light abs fabric, which although feeling almost ephemeral, is basically quite tough and can block the hell out of anything the wind can chuck your way. Score. They’re additionally both cut rather regular and super comfortable.
They are also furnished with an internal chest pocket and two hand wallets. They also both have this particular sweet material at the cuffs. Nice and snug and wind resistant. I almost wish the entire coat was made of this. Take note to Arc’teryx: Make a full jacket of this substance. Call the jumper the Juanithium, to keep using the scientific theme. There is also a drop back hem which I discover just right. Covers the fanny (buttocks for the British brethren) perfect when you’re bending the previous body. Let’s move on to just what sets them a part.

Atom LT

The sides are made of Polartec® Power Stretch® fleece, making it tremendous breathable. The fleece protector in question is rather air-permeable, this will make it great for aerobic pursuits, less so when ever you stop. Yet that’s what shells are generally for.
Comes in jumper, hoodie and vest formats.
60g of insulation. This really is makes it a mild winter months jacket if you’re merely going to be walking around.
Wind flow busting Luminara™ shell except where there is the Polartec® Power Stretch®.

Atom SV
100g of insulation. This makes it a great winter jumper. Able to handle tough cool.
Fleece-lined underarms for extra breathability. As opposed to the 100g, you’ve fleece at the pits. You’ve still got your wind-protecting shell though. I have discovered this is what I would have preferred on the LT.
Wind negating Gossamera™ shell just about all ‘round.
Adjustable hood (in front only)

So there you have that. Two great lightweight, compressible winter jackets. The main difference would be that the LT is way better suited for highly cardio exercise activities while the SV retains it’s own greater as a standalone jacket. If you have any questions or perhaps feedback, please discuss it with us from the comments section. Juan —