Stone Island

Stone Island was founded in 1982, aimed at is characterized by the unique study of fiber and fabric, and applies the innovative design of a casual wear brand. Through constant research and problem processing structure, Stone Island have created their own aims to become a new logo clothing manufacturing industry’s brand image.

Stone Island accident, as they say, that was in 1982.

At that time, the company is called C.P. company, is that it gave birth to the brand. C.P. company is regarded as the father of all Italian casual wear brand. Its “subtitle” as “Massimo Osti of originality”, Massimo was born in Bologna, a graphic designer and intellectuals. In the mid – 70 – s, he was the first person interested in alternate uniforms, he learned that huge cultural wealth of the antique market in Italy. Through the ages, there has witnessed countless of ancient and modern armed forces. Massimo was the first to study the functional characteristics of clothing, he sorting through different clothing version of type, pockets, fasteners and clothing accessories, and to study the history of clothing worn appearance and full of flavor of the fading effect. In order to make these clothes again, he perfected the advanced in Modena province Ravarino region by a garment dyeing laboratory and some printing plant. He set out to study material and structure, and then add them fusion, coating, then finished dyeing and change clothes.

One day, appeared a kind of special material, a kind of heavy truck tarpaulin, one side to red, the other is blue. It have what use? In order to bring it into the production of clothing fabrics, he put it in the machine in the stone wash for several hours, and then through the soft chemical sequence to soften its organizational structure. The first prototype has a magical effect, but it is totally different from C.P. all company products, do not fall within the scope of logo. As a result, we finally decided to use this unique fabrics made 7 coat, known as the “TelaStella”, and named this series: Stone Island.

Stone Island has the nautical style, such as after the seawater corrosion of cloth, and on the basis of the research background of the army style. The name is a symbol of love to the sea and used in apparel manufacturing process. The badge – make this brand has been outstanding since the first time series embroidery logo – contains a compass design, like the medal design on the uniform.


1983 Massimo decided together with partners into the innovation enterprise, with all my heart to provide the company with good organizational structure and resources, he decided to joint a big company may help. A Turin Gruppo Finanziario Tessile group, namely the GFT bought Osti. GFT shareholders Carlo Rivetti appearance, his trust and love the casual wear products, research, and its philosophy and haunt Ravarino region creative atmosphere.


At the same time, this series evolving extension, covers more elements: jacket, trousers, t-shirts and shirts. Each is very special. But further research is to fabric, development process and coating, etc. In 1985, we introduced a military cotton “Raso Gommato”, its surface or the underlying containing polyurethane coating. In 1986 adopted a called AluC cotton satin fabric, its surface with a layer of silver coating. This is booming in those years. Not just is a kind of fashion, the Stone Island became known as a more enthusiastic pursuit of the goal. Italy’s young people think of Stone Island can bring the irresistible clothing, they can reveal their personality, and GFT organization structure is more helpful for SI overseas expansion.


“Ice Jacket” was born. The wonderful is the heat sensitive fabrics and clothing can thoroughly change color with temperature changes. It can from yellow to dark green, from white to blue, pink is grey. It in a completely innovative way showed the production characteristics of clothing, can carry on the good interaction with the wearer. This “Ice Jacket” got a major breakthrough in the field of color and fabric, thus creating the simulation of clothing, can lose in the cold dyeing and printing pattern.


A highly reflective fabric in Japan, it contains thousands of tiny glass beads of coating, used to make the “reflective jacket”. It has golden color including properties white or light red, green, yellow or blue. Even the most weak light source, it can reflect the light. This jacket with the trademark color, suitable for overalls, safety is a significant irresistibility costume.


In 1993, Carlo Rivetti and his sister Cristina leave GFT group, turned into the heart and soul Ravarino areas of a company, they renamed it casual clothing company. They need to set up a milan branch, so in 1994 the first 500 – square – meter showroom in milan Via Bramante area open. In 1993 and 1993, the introduction of new fabrics, a fabric for “Radiale”, it contains a dense layer of forging press rubber coating, there is a “Oltre”, has the ultra light coating and “steel structure” of high quality nylon layer, this is a kind of distinctive color nylon canvas.

1996 is a big year, we with Massimo Osti cooperation finally came to an end, because he and several partners in quarters ago opened Massimo Osti studio. Then Carlo Rivetti will Stone Island to Paul Harvey the British talent management, he accepts the challenge, to shoulder after Osti led Stone Island to create the next task in the new century. He finally become the real winners in this adventure. Paul to broaden the field range and improve the production materials, and further promote the research and development project, he set out to investigate the clothing material field, the fabric structure and unique innovation technology processing method.


“Radiale Esploso”, “Nylana” is a kind of thick nylon canvas, used to make casing lining. Raso Gommato fabrics using reverse color pad printing method, namely to darken the fabric, and then through the corrosion process will surface the fade of large area processing, and then sets of dyeing processing, and “NOC1” technique.


The end of the 20th century and the early 21st century: founded the “silver coat” and “bronze coat” project, they are made of 100% 100% stainless steel and bronze metal mesh cloth glue them into a fabric. “Silver coat” once the pompidou center in Paris celebrate it reopened for display in the hall. Also adopted the “Silver Spray” style, the vacuum sealing way will be 100% polyester fiber cloth adhesive layer of thin film of stainless steel material, natural is used for protection of aviation onboard equipment.

In 1999, with a series of image of Stone Island flagship store to readjust and opened. The store design novel: the pure light of fiberglass rod, oak and carbon fiber embedded stainless steel floating floor. In September the same year, milan shop in Corso Venezia street opened 12; In December, the London store opening 46 Beak street in the center of the Soho.


The research focus to Kevlar® , it than the same gram weight of materials in solid degree and high insulation performance on 5 times stronger. Stone Island will this incredible technology into dyeing material, it combined with a nylon mesh cloth, and add a pu coating.


In 2000, the company bought, located in the center Via Tortona area originally, 54 Savona street AcciaierieRiva Calzoni steel dining-room storefront, and turn them into Stone Island new branch of milan. This not only become a Stone Island showroom, is also a 2000 – square – meter exhibition hall, for display, design and photography exhibitions and concerts, etc. The center in June 2002 officially opened. Stone Island perfectly the development of a “Light Jacket,” this is a decorated with optical fiber mesh edge of the white coat, can emit blue Light in the darkness.


Company has introduced the garment dyeing process of polyester fiber, the under 130 ℃ pressure processing technology pioneered the Stone Island new field of dyeing laboratory processing fiber dyeing. Application of single fiber mesh material at that time, it can be integrated into a variety of material or heat sealing of high performance film plays a protective role, heat sealing film can show clothing internal organizational structure because of its transparency. Application of non-woven fabric at the same time, will it by pressing, coating, and garment dyeing process for processing.

In 2005, this brand has created the Stone Island youth series, this is a brand line for 2-14 years old children, is to use the same badge “miniature” men’s clothing series.

In October 2005, Rome’s flagship store in Via del Babuino open street, number 73-75.


Through the study, SI created “Prismatic Silk fabrics, due to its light ribbed coating, make the garment presents unique color and effect. Super light feather coat produced for the first one, and it USES 30 g/m2 g matte nylon fabric, through innovative technology, produced a contains the concept of ultra light down jacket.

In October 2006, verona also in Corso Porta Borsari 35 luen on street, opened, it is a few steps away from vanilla square.

Since 2008,

Stone Island was founded in April 2008, the online store, launched a virtual shopping; In October, in Seoul, South Korea, Gang 650-20 – namSin – sa street, opened a shop. In December 2009, SI showroom opened in Munich, Germany to manage and develop the brand market.

Stone Island in 2011, landed in Paris saint, Renault street no. 316 and is located in the Italian Adriatic Sea area of Riccione Viale Ceccarini street no. 34, it is a shopping five-arched Stone. In 2012, 79 Brewer street opened a store in London, at the same time, the first German flagship store opened on the island of Sylt.

In 2008, Carlo Rivetti as art director. It is no longer only a designer relies on a multi-cultural team guidance, so as to better interpret the brand, the characteristics of the most diverse market and brand concept to the latest transfer.

Stone Island Shadow was founded, it is a special series: one for clothing performance and design of comprehensive application system, it takes technology as the background, but also reveals the urban style.

SI with designers also Aitor Throup cooperation and jointly create a “Modular Anatomy” (module) and “Articulated Anatomy” (hinged Anatomy) solution. Other ways, with the internationally renowned art director such as Trevor Jackson, as well as ultra high reputation of cooperation between companies such as Adidas, the famous series of samba style has also established.

“Hand-painted camouflage” also was born, it is a after dyeing, bleaching, again through the hand-painted camouflage effect of garment processing.

Stone Island nature deduce bloom: including the thermal performance of the new series, such as Ice Jacket, reflective jackets, and thermal properties of the fluid and glue ribbed features.

New concepts include: ghost series, hydrophobic performance and badges.

In 2012 for Stone Island has the vital significance, celebrated its 30th anniversary celebration. This brand also created three iconic costume, each represents a Stone Island authority fashion’s historical significance and methodology.

“TelaStella” gauze (star) : is the beginning and the beginning. 30 years later, it from the military truck tarpaulin on technical and functional characteristics in the study of inspiration, as almost the same with SI in the history of the first series of products of reproductions, show you again.

Glance “Reflective Knit” (sweater) : the application of materials.

From the technology of fabric and yarn transformation, become the final results of Stone Island. SI innovative application of reflective effect yarn, the yarn is to be attached to the tens of thousands of glass beads on polyester silk screen cover on the microscopic plate production, and then by gasification pressure/thermal printing and dyeing process, and thus the fusion fiber and the effect of surface smooth; In the plain knit inside overlying a layer of Windstopper high wind film.

The processing technology of the “30/30” : clothing, is an overview of the Stone Island technology.

Positive and negative two sets of clothing, can be dual-use wearing, present different features, with 30 different dress. It USES glue satin rib cloth, namely inside contain ribbed effect coating satin weave cotton cloth, then use double dyeing recipe garment printing and dyeing processing, thus creating a kind of double color effect and heat reflective characteristics: plain knitting lining heat-sensitive reflective fabric.

It is a culture of exploring experimental activities, function design and the use effect has been seen as the basis for the development of Stone Island: it was founded in 1982, aimed at is characterized by the unique study of fiber and fabric, and applies the innovative design of a casual wear brand. Through constant research and problem processing structure, Stone Island have created their own aims to become a new logo clothing manufacturing industry’s brand image. In the study of uniforms and work clothes, and according to the new requirements for the continuous improvement of process, the Stone Island formed a set of inspection standards, make its clothing products not only beautiful, and has a unique feature. , through perseverance and comprehensive research of the fibers and fabrics for processing and refining, constantly Stone Island developed garment industry has never been applied materials and production techniques.

Stone Island adopted a kind of special material to innovative processing and testing, and ways to achieve practical characteristics. This method is also applied to juvenile series, is specially designed for 2-14 young adults “copy”. The coat is mainly composed by filter water technology made of nylon monofilament. It has high reflective or thermal fabric, will change color with temperature changes. This bantamweight polyester cloth added aerospace technology applied to 100% of the stainless steel membrane vacuum coating, to protect the on-board computer equipment. Non-woven material, Kevlar and polyester felt cloth and patterns of polyester wire mesh is commonly used in construction industry, and application of polyurethane coating. These are all constitute the Stone Island material example of philosophy.

The advantage of Stone Island also lies in the ability of interference from the finished product unique, embodied in its outdoor casual clothing company color lab of dyeing and processing technology of continuous testing. This laboratory rely on talent resources and combined with the advanced technology and experience, after years of unremitting efforts, has developed more than 6000 different dyeing formula. All of these accumulated knowledge and experience, are the inalienable property resources, in the vast extent become Stone Island of technical know-how, is retained in the archives. File included the test data, and by a group of passion to engage in this project staff to develop textile dyeing formula.

Has significant reference value to the file, add this to explore the current and future possible scenarios can inhibit curiosity, motivation Stone Island is growing.

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