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Bookniture – Furniture Invisible In A Book
Bookniture is extremely compact furniture. So compact in fact that one could store it or even carry it around just like you would a book, after which in just one flip, it unfolds from your book to a little bit of multifunctional furniture.

A few weeks ago we introduced you the De-Dimentional Furniture through Jongha Choi that was designed between other reasons to save space in a world where the population is getting higher and accommodation becomes smaller.
You can also add Bookniture to the list.

Based in one of the most densely used cities in the world, Hong Kong, a few years ago whilst attending the furniture fair, Robert Mak was given the honeycomb board sample and was amazed by the force and load capacity of the structure. This structure is widely used in the furnishings industry composite panels for shelves as well as tables. He took this kind stone island ventile of sample back as well as used it as a furnishings on bookcase…

Now just like everyone, Mike liked having friends in his place, yet have never had enough car seats for his guests and always end up simply sitting on the floor. He pondered if there was a kind of seat that doesn’t take up any valuable living area when not needed it. He found there wasn’t, then again <img src="" title="Garment-Dyed Cotton Shawl Collar Sweater In Grey" alt="Garment-Dyed Cotton Shawl Collar Sweater In stone island ventile Grey”> that brought him or her another question; Is even possible to possess something like that

One day however, the empty space on Mike’s bookcase with honeycomb trial initiated the kindle of a new idea as well as Bookniture was born.

Launched (as much ideas of the recent years have been) on the crowdfunding internet site Kickstarter they needed $50,000 to put the Bookniture in to production. The great litmus test that is the general public accredited of the idea along with flying colours, and the project was returning to the tune of virtually $450,000 by over 4000 ‘backers’.

Made from fully-recycled kraft paper the Bookniture when in guide form measures merely 33cm x 18 centimetres, but expands to 14 times larger once opened which enable it to support a weight as high as 1000kg.
Leather backed you are able to currently chose from 4 different shades; either black, brownish, red, or off white.

To find out more information or place an order please see a state website here.

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