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Amelia Earhart Celebrity Fashion Series
So here I thought superstars plugging their own manner lines was a current phenomenon – you understand, Beyonce, JLo, Jessica Simpson, Donald Trump, etc. Ends up, celebrities and fashion retailers have a prolonged, LONG history together – longer than most of us have been alive, in fact. I knew in which both Vivien Leigh and Lucille Basketball endorsed Max Aspect makeup in the 70’s and 50’s, but I just learned that Amelia Earhart had her own clothing collection in the 1930’s.
That’s right * the famous feminist and feminine aviator designed a line of flying clothes for additional female pilots within 1932, which was shown stylish Magazine.  Shortly thereafter, the girl began designing everyday clothes for women which love activity, as well as the Amelia Earhart Line of Clothes was created.  They were available for purchase in 30 cities, from one upscale store per city, similar to Macy’s in New York and also Marshall Fields in Chicago.  Not surprisingly, her bomber coat was stone island uk cheap among the most common pieces.
Born inside Atchison, Kansas in 1897, Amelia has been truly an amazing female.  She flew, wrote textbooks, designed clothes, and also lived life to the fullest.  She also clothed well.  Always mindful of her public image, she dressed appropriately for each occasion, whether the lady was flying, mingling with celebrities, or relaxing at home.  She became an inspiration for women of her era and also generations of women given that.  She disappeared in the Ocean in 1937 while trying to cirum-navigate the world, and while lost, is certainly not forgotten.


Amelia Earhart & Cary Allow

Amelia Earhart at home

Photos utilized courtesy of

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