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What Is Saffiano Leather
What’s Saffiano Leather

Some of the more observant among you might have noticed that a lot of the lovely products we inventory at Van Mildert contain the word ‘Saffiano’ featured someplace in the label.

If however you be a leather as well as textile expert next, alas, you’ll find little Stone Island New Fashion Men’s Coats Red Wine use in our brief break down of the products. But, if like (some of) us, an individual sometimes get a little bit too preoccupied with all the final product to ever really think ‘What precisely is Saffiano leather ’ we have done the each of the leg work and analysis for you, to bring an individual this handy minor insight into the movement behind your new arm candy – you’re welcome.

Coming from Vivienne Westwood to Michael Kors, a lot of our most popular designer labels love a bit of Saffiano natural leather. They incorporate this into everything from handbags, to purses, for you to shoes and it is especially popular among our brand new Spring/Summer 2016 collections.

In short, Saffiano leather-based is popular for 3 reasons: it’s durable, practical and easy to wipe clean. If you want to realize a little bit more of the nitty gritty, read on…

The Production

Ever wondered the reason why your Saffiano product search the way they do Well, a lot of it is as a result of the production. Saffiano, being a bumpy leather, achieves its look through a unique making method. This is fundamentally what Saffiano leather can be.

The leather is actually pressed on a device for 10-15 seconds, giving it that recognisable cross-hatch finish, typically in a diagonal routine.

The stamping method is followed by the wax treatment, the procedure which means you can fling your designer handbag about whilst it manages to keep looking extremely fresh. Lucky anyone!

The Markings

It is the diagonal and cross-hatch marks which makes the buckskin ultra-resistant to stains, scrapes and even a bit of drinking water (but not completely water repellent, still be careful together with your product).

Rumour has the idea, that <img src="" Stone Island New Fashion Men’s Coats Red Wine title=”Stone Island Polo Shirt Turquoise” alt=”Stone Island Polo Shirt Turquoise”> Saffiano leather has been invented in one involving Italy’s most famous tanneries in 1913 and also was signature clair of Mario Prada himself…

Is natural leather always used

No, leather isn’t always employed. To begin with, the highest quality calf skin was the one material which have the Saffiano process, even so, as time has passed by the technique has took to be applied to more than just leather – sometimes a poly-urethan (synthetic) material is used.

Because of this just because you read the word ‘Saffiano’ you shouldn’t believe it’s always calf natural leather. Often it may be a less expensive top layer content with the cross hatch-out design, which also goes as ‘Saffiano leather.’

The favourite Saffiano products…

Vivienne Stone Island New Fashion Men’s Coats Red Wine WestwoodSmall Opio Saffiano Bag
Eileen KorsSutton Saffiano Satchel
DKNYSaffiano Tote Bag

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