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Port Dover- Friday your 13th
TweetLast May 12, 2016, I headed right Stone Island Cotton T-Shirt in Black down to Port Dover, Ontario. For anyone that is a biker, this is the place to be on a Friday the 13th. Over 100,500 bikers get on their particular motorcycles and brain down to Port Dover for that motorcycle rally. It’s been happening given that 1981. The event continues to be described as the biggest single-day street motorcycle event in the world. I personally am not a rider. I don’t own 1 but I have been seen around the back of one, enjoying the fresh air against my face. It’s fascinating to be on the back of a motorcycle, and I’m sure it’s even more thrilling driving one. 

So I made a decision to attend with a good friend that was going to the function. I was intrigued as to what the big deal had been, plus a free ride on the back of a motorcycle- I wasn’t likely to pass up. Getting there were easy. You pass hundreds of bikers and even end up riding straight down with hundreds more in front of you. Getting into Port Dover is next to impossible until you have a motorcycle. Not merely are the streets brimming with motorcycles but most pavement are off limits while they are filled with vendors. So after going down Your five streets filled with bikes and people wondering close to, we found the parking spot in a row filled with motorcycles. When i got off the cycle and looked around at the motorcycles and motorcyle drivers, my first thought had been  this is a whole lot associated with leather.
Leather could be the fabric of choice of bikers everywhere. From buckskin coats, to leather-based vests to leather chaps to be able to leather riding shoes or boots. You do see men as well as women wearing running shoes but for the most part, it’s all leather. And the brand of preference is Harley Davidson clothing.

Reading up on Harley- Davidson, I became surprised that they are an ethical business and uses a clear code of economic conduct. This allows the business to focus on expanding the company but in a responsible way that allows its consumer to feel comfortable with Stone Island Medium Vintage Denim Slim Fit Jeans the merchandise they are purchasing. Incredible!! On the Harley- Davidson website they go on to say their business conduct includes these major points: Tell the Truth, Be Fair,  Keep Your Promises, Respect the Individual and Encourage Intellectual Curiosity.
This has made it easier for propel the business in the responsible way that not merely benefits the customer but the employees, encouraging these to represent themselves as well as the company proudly as well as in socially responsible approach. Harley-Davidson also takes great pride in getting associated with social issues establishing The Harley-Davidson Foundation.
Your foundation’s mission quoted from their site is To meet the simple needs of the residential areas where we operate, improve the lives individuals stakeholders and encourage interpersonal responsibility. We pursue partnerships with charity organizations that help us invest in education, health insurance the environment.
 Some of the large organizations they at the moment fund are YMCA, Large Brothers Big Sisters Foundation, Disabled National Veterans. Reaching out to town gives Harley-Davidson the opportunity to do good, but concurrently attract a broader market of potential customers that would prefer to invest in a socially accountable company. Knowing this I don’t feel bad in regards to the Harley swag We have purchased.

What about another leather products My partner and i saw I know that not most  are made by Harley-Davidson. Honestly, last year it wouldn’t have troubled me walking via a sea of people sporting leather, after all it is the fashion that motorcyle drivers wear. But not realizing how leather is made bothers me. It is not even the fact that everyone there was wearing some type of leather (beside’s me which is) it’s the fact that there are vendor’s everywhere promoting not only leather  products nevertheless t-shirts. People were lined out the door at some of these shops wanting to by t-shirts and also other shirts with Fri the 13th, Port Dover 2016.
Its no different than gonna see your favorite performer and buying a brand new t-shirt to be able to prove you were right now there. They even had several t-shirts for cheap from the decades before, but nobody cares how they were made as long as they were inexpensive and they got one particular or even Stone Island Medium Vintage Denim Slim Fit Jeans 2. When i was walking around along with my friend, I couldn’t believe my eyes as well as thought do these folks even care precisely how these clothes are made Do they understand how leather is created At one point my pal suggested I get through to one of the rocks they’d and start informing men and women on the facts of how there leather appeared. He thinks its funny cause he has heard my small info session a few times, but I actually didn’t think anyone would listen to me regardless, after all these are there to have fun, get together with buddies and enjoy the place.

When i enjoyed going to Vent Dover for the motorcycle move and even met result-oriented people, I will say bikers are the many sweetest people in the world regardless of the media and films portray them to become, but I believe we’d like more ethical along with sustainable clothing for them to wear and more choices on where to buy them. We are able to inform them of how there leather is made and provides them all the nasty details on it but other than Harley- Davidson which these know about, they need a lot more options on where to invest in. Even Port Dover should have a shop to buy honest and sustainable bike wear for those going down on Friday your 13th weekend. Motorcyclists are a huge portion of every community almost Stone Island Medium Vintage Denim Slim Fit Jeans everywhere, we have many different manufacturers that we can buy coming from but what about all of them It’s not like I’ve ever seen leather chaps looking forward to me to buy in the nearest thrift store. Where are there alternatives on where to buy fairly and sustainable motorbike gear besides Harley-Davidson
If someone has any information about where bikers can find ethically and sustainable items please move them on.

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