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How sustainable are your kids’ toys
TweetMy son has just turned 2 last week. Hip hip hooray! There was an awesome little get together and I was quite grateful to have us together. I was also happy to see that Logan got a lot of sustainable presents. A wooden work bench, a wooden tractor, a new wooden puzzle and high quality toy automobiles mad of recycled plastic.
It seems like such a difference with last year as he was gifted ‘baby toys’ like stuffed animals and rattles.
Speaking of which, do you know where stuffed toys or plushies are made of Since i didn’t! And since I’m being so aware of the clothes I’m putting it on got me thinking what all those teddybears are made of
I mean, I specifically want to keep damaging substances away from my personal son. And since they’ve bean found in baby- as well as children’s clothes of non sustainable brands; what about the gadgets

Less on labeling
I got out a number of old baby toys to possess a closer look at their particular labels. I found a soft, fabric ball coming from Woezel and Pip without added info. I also got hold on tight a stuffed Bumba girl doll which according to the label was made in Tiongkok. My son also offers a stuffed animal which is often converted in to a cushion. It’s made of chenille plush stone island knit blanket material with polyester fiber stuffing.
When I was a little girl I remember donning stone island knit blanket chenille scarfs and sweaters whenever they were a fashion trend. I suppose the origin of chenille comes from a synthetic supply
This is what Wikipedia had to say about it:
“The chenille yarn is done by placing small lengths of wool, called the pile, between two core yarns and then twisting your yarn together. The sides of these piles next stand at right angles to the yarn’s central, giving chenille both its softness Stone Island Autumn Collection Sweater Zipper Collar Dark Gray and its feature look. Chenille will look distinct in one direction compared to yet another, as the fibers catch the light differently. Chenille can appear iridescent without actually using iridescent fibres. The yarn is frequently manufactured from cotton, but can also be made employing acrylic, rayon along with olefin.”

Polyester finds his / her origin in propane or oil (traditional). So a absolutely no no on the sustainability scale I guess. When We searched online for sustainable toys, Used to do find a lot of brands who do use sustainable materials when making their toys. It’s the same as with clothes. They cost a lot more but are way better for you personally and the environment.
Treehugger carries a great article about sustainable toy brand names: “11 baby toys that are eco-friendly, sustainable and also cute to resist.”
What are your favorite sustainable plaything brands Please discuss 😉
If you want to read more content about toddlers, being a parent and being a functioning mom have a look in my personal blog: MomMandy
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