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Carlo Rivetti – Stardust 1

Back in Beginning of 2001, a little known submitting house called Automobilia created the first of what was to be a series of publications about the “new wave” of French stylists and designers.

Well known Italian commentator stone island kids of fashion and trends Cristina Morozzi going the Reflective Print Cotton T-Shirt in Red project, authoring the 1st in the series of books. Morozzi is probably best known internet marketing the one-time editor of ‘Moda’ magazine.

The first quantity is dedicated to the models and ethos of Sportswear Company, and in particular, the particular Stone Island along with C.P. Firm brands. Carlo Rivetti, chairman of SPW worked alongside Morozzi to generate stone island kids a large journal regarding images, stories as well as insights on the earlier, present and future of SPW.

When you first flick through the novel, it appears more an engineering company than the usual traditional Italian style house. The techniques along with research that goes into a garment is documented in other places, but right here its in black and white.

There is an interesting jot down of Massimo Osti at the beginning, something may grace these kinds of pages one day (easily find the time to records it!) but it really isn’t thorough or long enough of a man considered extensively as the most important estimate SPW history.

The main focus of the book is from The early nineties – 2001, the time of publishing. It begins with a long section explaining the company as it was then, the industrial design, the research process, the strategy used in dying garments, even the distribution and sales structure of the organization. Its fairly intriguing, but personally, I found it hard work!

John Harvey is featured greatly, as are his designs. Lots of pictures associated with Harveys more famous designs, the Bronze as well as Steel jackets, NOC-1 and so forth. and a great write down explaining in length his / her influences, ideas as well as theories behind style. Having taken over via Osti as head developer, Harvey had a huge couple of boots to complete, and its interesting you just read how a seemingly typical bloke from the Middlesbrough stepped up to the challenge.

There’s plenty to read with regards to in terms of detail as well as theory behind Harveys work, with a particularly interesting section regarding the NOC-1 jacket and also the injection moulding techniques employed to produce the hood, which has been based on an old petrol mask.

The final part of the book features Moreno Sports car, and his C.P. Company work. Especially the Urban Security series, and Transformables. For anybody interested in UP in certain, this is great studying. Ferrari explains his ideas and aspires behind the range. Exciting at times, utter junk in others.

There is a few fantastic imagery in this section, of many of the rarest C.R. Company garments ever released. The transformable garments in particular.

Stardust isnt a book detailing the history regarding SPW and personally discovered it quite a hard heading read in locations. It is however, and interesting snapshot of living in Modena in 2000.

Its interesting inside parts, and there is a number of fantastic images in order to pour over. Nevertheless, there is also alot of ful nonsense too and a lot too much detail in subjects few will discover interesting.

Worth monitoring one down if you can, but they are like stardust :–)

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