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How to re-charge your battery power hen!
Hello, I’m Sue one of the Frugi crusaders and I act as a volunteer for the Essex branch of the British Hen Welfare Trust (BHWT – Here’s what that involves
On a rescue day we will go to a battery power farm and relief from the cages anything stone island jacke blau at all between 200-500 hens. The farmers let the BHWT know when they want to get rid of the hens and the BHWT pay the farmers £1 for each bird (far more chances are they’ll would get when they sold them on as chinese or dog/cat food, their additional option)
The birds are normally only about 16 a few months old but will have lived in a space stone island jacke blau how big an A4 piece of paper its their life. These are packed about 5 in a cage, their dark in the barn as well as filled with the sound of hen chickens clucking and a strong smell of ammonia. The birds are still really young but prior their egg putting peak’ (if you’re a farmer and have 10,000 hens that go from putting 7 eggs per week to 6 eggs per week you can see the profit border dipping – so they get rid of them and start yet again with new more youthful birds)
After we possess pulled the wild birds from the cages, we all put them in crates, load them into a van and take them back on the base’ – for us that’s the co-ordinators big garden in Kent. There we get them out of the crates, allow them stone island jacke blau to have a health check, clip their nails (which have produced far too long because they’re on wire fabric tailgate enclosures rather then solid floorboards in the cages) and present them food and water. Within the afternoon the new entrepreneurs that have registered their own interest via the website come along and take home between 2-50 plus hens, mostly to live because pets in the backyard (chicken keeping being the fastest growing hobby in England)
The brand new owners pay the BHWT a donation of a lowest £1 per hen. A number of chickens come out hunting ok, some tend to be more oven ready’ it largely depends on the plantation, some have medical problems but most are fine (they won’t lay ovum if they are poorly same goes with in the farmers interests to feed them effectively, give them the right jabs etc)
The main issue with battery farming is just how much of the chickens all-natural behaviour is under control. They have no nesting box to lay an egg within, nowhere to dustbath, they’ve never seen sunlight as well as grass before inside their lives – nevertheless on a sunny relief day, within minutes to get out of the crates on top of the grass you can see a number of them sunbathing already, lying with their wings out. That instinct is there and one of the many can not be fulfilled within a cage. A new European law has been passed to ‘ban’ the battery parrot cage. Britain has recently fulfilled this, however many countries in the Western european have not. We now have ripe cages to save hens from. These are larger (but hold more hens – consequently each one only has a new cigarette packet size area of space much more then in the initial cages.) They have a nesting box but otherwise aren’t any better then the unique battery cage. We all, as a charity will rescue from these plus barn and even free range flock if needed to avoid their lives being therefore short too (though how we are going to find them i have not a clue!)
Here are some photos of 1 of my rescue hens – Sparky – at the time we got her ‘oven ready’ as well as a year or so later, feather upwards and healthy along with enjoying a free range existence in my back garden.

How can you help
Most people are aware and know to purchase free range eggs currently but where the Long Sleeved In Black For Men tastes battery eggs get is hidden egg’ inside quiche, cake etc If it doesn’t say Free of charge range’ on it, it probably isn’t Please think of shopping with canine welfare in mind.
Additionally, If you are looking into maintaining some chickens I urge that you consider adopting from THE BHWT it’s so rewarding experiencing how much the parrots change and bloom as they enjoy suitable life’. Check out the website for details.
Chicken preserving is fantastic fun, reasonably priced and they are very easy to help keep. And what other dogs and cats would provide your breakfast for you !

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