Stone Island is the Italian sports brand

Stone Island, is the Italian sports brand, belongs to the Italian Sportswear Company SpA apparel group. Stone Island brand founded in 1981, with C.P. Company belong to the Sportswear Company brand. Sportswear Company in the Stone Island top innovation in the field of positioning for sports leisure clothing brand, focus on material research and development and functional, with men’s clothing and jeans series.

In 1998, the Stone Island for copper, titanium, carbon steel, such as metal in cloth, strengthen the dress sense of the future. Italian magazine Interni has published in June in 2001, these materials function significantly, unique appearance fashion, is indispensable to today’s fashion industry. Stone Island continuous research and development of new fiber and textile materials, explore the traditional garment industry has yet to develop. Brand new quarterly, adhere to the launch of the latest research and development, and in the fashion apparel, fabrics and production process different, brand has created a unique feature. Today, the Stone Island had 6000 patents of dyeing technology.

Stone Island Denims series both give full play to the Italian jeans texture and creative features, using Japan’s advanced tannin, the development of Wash Oil (Oil) for Wash brush or natural color special color, such as the indigo amorous feelings of the pure play to the extreme. Cowboy series using a large number of linen, cotton and succinct clipping, comfortable sense of agile, t-shirts series USES the deep color, the use of different stone washing and the overlapping printing of large area, create a free and easy boogie type.

Explore culture, experimental activities, function design and the use effect has been seen as the basis for the development of Stone Island: aimed at is characterized by the unique study of fiber and fabric, and applies the innovative design of a casual wear brand. Through constant research and problem processing structure, Stone Island have created their own aims to become a new logo clothing manufacturing industry’s brand image. In the study of uniforms and work clothes, and according to the new requirements for the continuous improvement of process, the Stone Island formed a set of inspection standards, make its clothing products not only beautiful, and has a unique feature. , through perseverance and comprehensive research of the fibers and fabrics for processing and refining, constantly Stone Island developed garment industry has never been applied materials and production techniques.

The advantage of Stone Island also lies in the ability of interference from the finished product unique, embodied in its outdoor casual clothing company color lab of dyeing and processing technology of continuous testing. This laboratory rely on talent resources and combined with the advanced technology and experience, after years of unremitting efforts, has developed more than 6000 different dyeing formula. All of these accumulated knowledge and experience, are the inalienable property resources, in the vast extent become Stone Island of technical know-how, is retained in the archives. File included the test data, and by a group of passion to engage in this project staff to develop textile dyeing formula. Has significant reference value to the file, add this to explore the current and future possible scenarios can inhibit curiosity, motivation Stone Island is growing.

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