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Clothes Mentor Ardmore provides Treasures for Everyone
Clothing Mentor Ardmore has Items for Everyone

Photo courtest Mainline Media Reports: Clothes Mentor Ardmore Proprietor Sharon Nagy poses with a poster of your article featuring very little at 7-years-old selling Kool-Aid from your cart her daddy made. She hopes to raise money regarding medical research into the ailment that took her pop’s life.
Check out the Mainline Mass media News article about the soon-to-be-open Clothes Mentor shop in Ardmore, Pennsylvania:
Garments has the power of alteration. A new little black dress, shiny red heels or a tailored coat can certainly produce a woman feel like one million bucks. Yet, why spend most of any paycheck on expensive clothing Clothes Advisor, a franchise of stores based in the Ough.S., buys along with sells previously owned developer clothing at 70 percent off the original retail store value.
“Clothes mentor is actually unlike consignment, perform pay cash, at that moment. It’s a resale store like you’ve never seen prior to. It’s not a thrift keep, it’s not a step up coming from that, it’s really a principle where the modern, fashion-conscious lady can come in and be prepared in something that’s fresh, fresh and interesting,” Sharon Nagy, owner of Clothes Tutor Ardmore, said.
The store, in 50 Greenfield Ave., Suite 56C, is placed for grand beginning on Thursday, Feb .. 4 from Ten a.m. to 8 p.m. Through the grand opening function, the first 25 clients in line will receive mystery gift cards, running in value from $10-$25 dollars.
Photo politeness Mainline Media News: Any glimpse into the Outfits Mentor store from 50 Greenfield Ave., opening February. 4.
Stepping into a shop is equivalent to opening up a new fashionista’s dream closet, brimming with rows of color-coordinated garments, designer handbags, heeled boots, vibrant scarfs, and sparkling jewelry. The items range from items coming from well-known department stores to high-end designers.
“When you come in so you find a Calvin Klein dress that will sold for a hundred dollars and it’s thirty in your store, they feel really pretty in it and they are equipped for what ever is out there, whether it is a meeting, meeting friends or going out for dinner with their husband,” Nagy said.
The shop has treasures for anyone at every budget.
Nagy clarifies, “We have costume diamond jewelry, we even have some Tiffany bits and David Yurman. We’ve in the store everything from Old Navy, Goal, Kohl’s, Penny’s all the way up to Dior, Gucci and Christian Louboutin.”
The inventory is created from the community. Anyone can stop by and bring in brand-new or gently used woman’s clothes, shoes, accessories and purses. Clothing must be laundered and brought in without having hangers. People can begin to play curbside service where they drop off their items and also call the curbside quantity so that they do not have to have items from their autos.
“We do an inspection, therefore we put it into the very sophisticated matrix method that we have that is based on our franchisor and it lets us know the price,” Nagy said.
Apparel that meets requirements will likely be placed in the store along with the previous owners will likely be paid a portion for your clothing, about 30 % of the resale price tag.
However, Nagy explained in which for handbags that are mechanized for $50 or even more as well as garments mechanized at $200 or more, prior owners will receive half of the resale value. They may also opt to receive store credit rating which adds yet another 35 percent of the selling to their credit.
Outfits Mentor has goods for sizes 0-26 and is looking for more goods, especially plus as well as active wear. “We are usually setting the store regarding spring so I’m searching for more summer goods that have been in the stores the past decades,” Nagy said.
Opening a store is a lifelong desire that has been in the works since Nagy was a little girl, living in North Carolina. Nagy worked well as a nurse up to five years ago. Your woman also has a passion for movie theater and has performed in 15 shows in the the local community and also city since shifting to the area on the decade ago.
Nagy, joking about how she might explore the glitzy world of theatre just before embarking on her enterprise, said, “So then I obtained that out of my own system and now I used to be like, “OK, now what will i want to do when I mature I think I’ll have a retailer.’”
Nagy was inspired with the mission and notion of the Clothes Men Adolescent Male Summer Lapel Green Mentor operation.
“When I discovered this concept, where they pay money and it was for ladies, and it’s supported by a franchise, it’s not something that I had to do mainly on my own. It’s nationally known but locally held and operated…It’s a concept wherever we get the support of marketing, advertising and training from the business. They helped me fully grasp this going but it is a huge dream of mine forever.”
Photo courtesy Mainline Press News: Christian LouBoutin high heel sandals with the trademark red-lacquered examiner and Prada boots
Supporting others score amazing deals and find beautiful goods that can have a second our life is also a thrill for Nagy. “I always had second-hand in my blood, growing up finding that treasure along with loved the concept of consignment shops and resale stores,” she said.
Nagy has been an entrepreneur from a early age. At stone island internship 7 years aged, her father constructed stone island internship her a Kool-Aid remain and she sold your fruity refreshment for a dime. A local reporter took a picture of your ex, proudly sitting in the stand, which the lady found in the archives and also created a poster of the article.
“I performed store a lot being a little girl, I used to put price tags on everything in the house and make my own parents shop,” Nagy said.
Her father’s Kool-Aid stand motivated her to open her business. She hopes to give back to your ex father and offers to use some proceeds from a store to fund Penn Medical Center’s study.
“I’m going to implement a one cent [buy one, obtain one for a cent] sale to raise money for a particular ailment that my father had. This individual built this Kool-Aid stand for stone island internship me, he was terminally ill. I’m going to utilize this to raise money to examine the very rare conditions that he had.”
In this new business venture, Nagy includes her compassion to be with her family and community.
“It’s all about helping the other, I guess that’s the registered nurse in me, too,” Nagy said. “I still have that want to help people feel happier about themselves, and that’s exactly what this is all about.”
During the year, Nagy plans to have many exciting events together with a “Girls Night Out” partnering using local vendors as well as events for teachers and private parties.
Outfits Mentor Ardmore will also be developing a Personal Shopper plan down the line. Eventually, buyers will be able to fill out a questionaire online and “the personal buyer [selects] items for them depending on their style, his or her color their preferences, sizes, their lifestyle, what they have interest in.” This program will be free of charge.
Nagy can be looking for talented people who are welcome to apply on the internet to be part of her team in the store. Her vision for your store is a spot where the customers along with store team flourish together and make your Ardmore location a staple in the community.
“I want it to be a position where people can come and hang up out. Every day it’s a brand new store because situations are flying in as well as flying out. Individuals are excited to bring new things and stop by and find out what’s the latest and greatest. But just so that you can say, “Hey how’s it heading ” and see your associates making friends with the neighborhood and just be a comfortable atmosphere.”
Nagy is thankful to everyone in the community who has contributed to generating her dream a reality.
“The community feels a bit ownership of this, I like that… They’re so supportive. We’ve got such an eclectic group area around here, it’s fantastic. We’ve got all kinds of persons. Just to see the things they were going to help me produce in the store, and seeing the team, the excitement, it’s a contagious excitement,” Nagy said.
For more information, visit the Ardmore store website.
Article by Jessica Paradysz, Writer for Mainline Media Reports

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