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I also learned about MBTI in a procrastination workshop run by my university counselling program. And interestingly, she also used a lot of cognitive behavioural therapy techniques too. So I think she contrasted the MBTI to help us accept ourselves with actual proven scientific techniques.

Other life forms on other worlds gazing up to see this. Think of beings that look up into the cosmos and see our sun as a mere speak of light, no different than the rest, in an ocean of stars, perhaps even having calculated and found the planets in our solar system, just as we have stone island greene street with other stars. Or having seen our galaxy as an Greenland Winter Parka OlivaDrab infant, gazing now from a galaxy in the image we see here.


I looked up an LA Times article from the late 70s talking about women comics and they mentioned (in non specific ways) “Latin” comics on the stage trying to be the next Freddie Prinze or something. I think you have something there. Just need to get access to the past.

These are exercise, nutrition and overall well being. You can not only focus on one of these areas while neglecting the others and expect to be completely fit. Incomplete knowledge always breeds confusion.

You’re a giant drowning in 2 inches of water, stand up and get moving, now. I am looking forward to meeting you in the future and seeing your successes with Empower Network as I will be the first one to shake your hand and congratulate you on a job well done. You deserve it and it’s your time and it’s your moment, take it, make it happen and join, now.


An internal hemorrhoid is understood by the name itself, those that exist internally. When you have this type of hemorrhoids, it involves the partia . They look like varicose veins that crop up on the leg.

A bad fit can affect long term comfort, or result in sunglasses that dont stay on very well. When first trying on a pair of designer sunglasses, make note of the pressure points and overall feel. While they may feel okay when you first put them on, sunglasses that apply pressure in the wrong places can lead to headaches after being worn for several hours.


Industrial manufacturing requirements for indelible direct part marking containing machine vision codes which are growing exponentially. The military requirements, manufacturers of commercial industrial products ranging from automotive, packaging, stone island greene street and pharmaceutical to electronic and consumer goods are aggressively adopting similar standards. Direct part marking enables unit level tracking of a product from the time of manufacturing until the end of its useful life.

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