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An Interview with Bobbi Paidel regarding Tribe of Lambs
TweetBobbi Paidel, founder of Tribe of lambs is a Canadian Nonprofit company attempting to empower and improve the lives involving at risk children within India. Through the selling of their ethically made, good quality jewelry line. On Bobbi and her work!

How did you get involved with ethical and environmentally friendly fashion
I ended up in India for 6 months after I worked well in the fashion industry in Toronto for a long time. I had become a tad jaded with the superficial and unethical factors of the mainstream style scene.
It wasn’t who I wanted to be, therefore i ended up in Asia. I was volunteering in a orphanage, when I really did start to recognize the situation for youngsters there. At the same time, I started working with jewellers as well as artisans making bits of jewelry, clothing, as well as accessories. We made a decision to make a difference by having a crowdfunding advertising campaign stone island down for the kids. The marketing campaign was such a achievement we decided to start a full non-profit. When I came back back to Canada, My partner and i partnered up with two friends Dani and Phil. Collectively we started what is now Tribe associated with Lambs.
Bobbi and Irani
Whatrrrs your opinion is the most important part of honest and sustainable trend now, especially with getting jaded
People are paying attention more on things that are generally organic, how they’re existing their lives, along with living in compassionate and meaningful ways. It is trickling down into ethical as well as sustainable fashion. Everyone is really asking themselves critical questions…Why does this shirt charge this much Who caused it to be
Before, we i never thought twice about it. It becomes an exciting time to go for sustainable fashion because it’s progressing so quickly. People are turning in the direction of that rather than good deal sales and made in huge amounts products.

What was the foundation of the title Group of Lambs to the company
The title came from brainstorming together with my friend Sarah which encouraged me in India (and also created our logo and internet site with her company Superfein Imaginative Agency). The brand stands for the group or the community that will we’re building of conscious shoppers and people straight into social causes, and the togetherness.
The lamb can be representative of the kids we’re assisting. Standing alone as well as; not supported, they may be weak and vulnerable, but together we are able to help empower the crooks to have a strong and robust life.
What are it’s feature products at this time
We have sold a good deal a variety of jewelry along with; accessories. However, we are currently streamlined to spotlight rings. We work with a motto: “One ring, one heart.” Each of our rings are named soon after children that we assistance so that we can honour their stories and; keep connected to the mission of supporting children living with HIV. We have unisex rings stone island down and also bracelets, necklaces, purses, and scarves.
Group of lamb rings
The other work are you linked to now
Tribe regarding Lambs, as part our own business model, focuses the funding on each of our Compassion Projects, which fits for the support involving at risk and Aids positive children by way of partnerships in India.
We are currently combined with Ray’s Home pertaining to HIV Positive Kids in Jaipur and with each other we have launched our 6th Compassion Venture; the School Scholars Venture. We’re raising $13,000 to send 54 kids to school for a year. That’ll always be tuition, books, luggage, and uniforms. Anything that they’ll need. We are at 65% of our goal since launching in the summer.
We’ve got a sponsor that is supporting our vision and projects. It’s a heating and plumbing company london, UK called Ramki that is run by a buddy of the Tribe which uses the buy1give1 style for his enterprise.
The Compassion Jobs are really what we’re devoted to besides selling jewelry and fundraising endeavours to maintain a sustainable income for our business
Where do you expect Tribe of Lambs goes in the future
Our two big long-term goals are on either side of our business model. Firstly we wish to create our own necklaces cooperative in Asia to train and employ Aids positive men and women handcraft our designs and offer all of them independence through career.
We are currently freelancing Garment-Dyed Cotton Shawl Collar Sweater In Grey our jewelry. The year progresses there and design this, but I work with a small family operation that produce everything. We trust them completely to be effective very closely through the process but we want to provide same opportunity to grownups with HIV, and also have complete transparency of our own supply chain and creation methods.
Noshad rocking the Rays Tee & Bobbi rocking the Tribe First tee. With every purchase of any @tribeoflambs Sweatshop Free Tee, $10 is contributed to our Consideration Projects for Sun rays Home for HIV Positive Children
Each of our other goal next five years is to increase Ray’s Home. They now have space for only 57 children, it is our goal is to help them to increase the capacity by simply double or triple, as well as increase the living conditions of the children currently presently there. There are 3000 young children living with HIV inside Jaipur city alone, with enough housing for 200. It’s a scary statistic. We want to work to enhance it.
Any feelings or feelings in summary
It is to have the possiblity to share our story and hopefully in order to inspire people to store ethically with other items. There’s always an avenue on the web. Consumers have this kind of options, limitless possibilities, to buy products that are made ethically or have an after-impact.

You can buy something you’re going to buy anyways and can empower the life of somebody otherwise while you’re at it. Have you thought to do something good with all the power that you hold by collecting something !
Thank you for your time and efforts, Bobbi.
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