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Sex and the Metropolis 2 Fashion Review
Some friends and I did a rare dinner and movie night and went and observed Sex and the City 2.  While the Stone Island Crinkle Rep Ny Brown Parka storyline was not particularly great, there have been definitely some great Stone Island Collection Sweater Collar Stripe For Men style Stone Island Crinkle Rep Ny Brown Parka moments.
Your friends’ wedding sequence was LOL funny, and that i especially enjoyed observing Liza Minelli channel Beyonce on phase.  Can you believe Liza’s 64  She along with Tina Turner — both kickin’ it similar to they’re decades more youthful.
I Stone Island Crinkle Rep Ny Brown Parka also liked the 80’s flashbacks of after they all met.  Riotous!  Hard to trust we used to wander around in public prefer that.
Other favorite sets:

Miranda’s last day at the office
Charlotte baking cupcakes
Carrie at the premiere
Carmen (Penelope Cruz) at the signature
Charlotte’s off-the-shoulder dress on the plane
Charlotte, nc and Miranda swapping sob reports over cocktails throughout Abu Dhabi
The shoes
The dark diamond

What don’t I like

The harem jeans (I bet you will see them everywhere come july 1st)
Samantha’s premiere dress
Carrie’s t-shirt as well as taffeta combo at the bazaar
The actual weird shoulder rises Samantha wore to shout karaoke.

In fact, about the only factor that saved in which scene was the juxtaposition of belly ballerinas jamming to I’m Woman, Hear Me Roar and hunky Max Ryan as Rikard Spirit.  Hysterical!
Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the costuming from  I had NO IDEA there was clearly so much involved.  So several costume changes!  Notice the actual heavy use of classic pieces.
If you haven’t stood a chance to see Sexual intercourse and the City 2 yet, grab a fashion-loving friend and go.  There are parts you’ll definitely enjoy!

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