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Urtzi Iglesias: Running And Having Enjoyable

Urtzi Iglesias looks to add UTMB® for you to his or her vast array of feats like a runner.
Urtzi Iglesias is definitely an knowledgeable adventure super. He’s the navigator for that Vidaraid Venture team and three-time Spanish Mountain Bike Orienteering Champion—so we understand this individual won’t get lost around the More than 200 km course, perhaps through there’s more than Twenty-eight,000 yards regarding elevation acquire along with loss. He’s raced the actual Viva Adventure Ethnic background inside Chile, the Mallorca 312, your Trip Africa throughout Nigeria, and the Experience Racing World Title, but this is his or her very first UTMB.
Was running a love
Zero, my personal first enjoy was cycling. But our real love now’s orienteering. Riding a bike and jogging will Stone Island Cotton Hooded Jacket In Khaki be the tools pertaining to training orienteering.
How did you get involved in the sport
I began going to the mountains together with my parents when I was a child.
Any alternative sports activities do you like/participate in  
I´m a trip racer along with orienteer.
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How did you get started with long-distance piste running
I have not began. I do long-distance working portions in venture backrounds, but Stone Island Cotton Hooded Jacket In Khaki constantly following and before long long distance kayak or perhaps bicycle sections…he this individual!
Any time did you first read about the UTMB®
Not too long ago, coming from many of my own outdated adventure race friends who dived to be able to trail operating.
Where do you train Are you experiencing any instruction secrets and techniques for the race that will you’ll share
Absolutely no secrets. Just work finally, enjoy yourself.
What do you think would be the most significant challenge with the actual UTMB® What’s your greatest dread about the race
My spouse and i don´t know how my own Stone Island Polo Shirt Turquoise lower limbs are going to react. I’ve no anxiety about insufficient sleep and craving for food.
I love competition, lengthy miles, and team leadership, however, not marked avenues.
Do you have a good luck bracelets, habit, or superstition which comes to play before a new contest
Nothing. Most contests are different.
How will you commemorate the end of a major competition like UTMB®
Eating, consuming, and congratulating my personal teammates.
We all know you love Columbia gear. What doesn’t the company make that you would like these people did
Working short.
The UTMB® is a intense event, in elevation. Why can you want to do this Would you suggest the idea to a friend
I believe there will be an excessive amount of top, but beautiful views. I love competition, lengthy distances, and team work, but not notable tracks.


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