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How to take the Perfect Shot: Garcon Jon’s Top 5 Tips
Throughout the last few weeks, we’ve been right after talented British wedding photographer Jonathan Pryce (aka @GarconJon) on his search for The Perfect Shot. Taken around the dramatic cliffs of Beachy Go in Sussex on a various camera equipment and using parts from the Oliver Sweeney AW15 collection, the search took in beautiful designs, late summer gentle, unusual framing along with resulted in some great shots.
Sadly not all of people have the photographic talents of someone like Jon. In case you’re looking to improve the one you have, then you’ve come to the right place. Below Jon has distributed his top 5 tricks for improving your photography, therefore whether you’re a novice in the beginning stages or a keen newbie looking to hone your craft, there’s some nuggets of advice that will help you out.

Create a plan: Be cautious before beginning to shoot about what you’d like to stone island beanie label create. This particular doesn’t have to be incredibly certain, but taking a instant to plan will always cause better shots. Point-and-shoot can be be extremely effective, but it’s typically better to have a clear-ish perspective about what the final picture or set of photos will look like.

Don’t plan excessive: Often it’s easy to acquire too technical or perhaps caught up in pre-existing ideas and you’ll miss the hugely-important serendipitous times that inveil themselves just before your lens. Together with any shoot, the key is flexibility – have a powerful idea of what you want for you to shoot, but embrace the happy incidents as well.
Look for the sunlight: It’s enormously important for setting up a great image, and it’s no understatement to state that good or bad lighting can really make or break a powerful photograph. Try to choose the best time of day: at midday the sun is a its highest and brightest, while later in the day (or ‘The Golden Hour’), the low, richer light might be enormously seductive.

Place, location, location: Receiving the best location to show what you want the stone island beanie label image to express (and indeed what you yourself want to say with the image) can be just as essential as the subject you’re photographing – this is especially valid in portraiture, where there’s the centuries-old code of significance.

Have fun! Photography is approximately passion and enjoyment. Personally, it’s not about getting perfect technicals, it’s about a gut feeling and a strong connection to whatever or even whoever Reflective Print Cotton T-Shirt in Grey you’re photographing. The best photographs are the ones in which everything just comes together, and this rarely comes from a difficult shoot.
Every one of the images from Component 1: The Seashore and Part A couple of: The Cliffs are available in Facebook albums the following.
You can (and should) stick to our search for an ideal Shot as it proceeds across our social websites (Facebook,Twitter and Instagram) using the hashtag #ThePerfectShotOS.

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