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Colorado’s Longs Top: a hike to remember

Some of us can’t get to the Himalayas or the Alps and other massive mountain amounts across the globe.  We help make due with what’s around us.  Mont Saint-Hilaire, Mount Washington, and sometimes, if you are willing to drive, a real Gabardine Cotton Cap In Khaki jewel like Colorado’s Longs Top.  What separates Wants Peak, besides the range, from our mountains from the East is it’s height: 14,259 foot to be exact.  That’s over twice the peak of Mount Washington in New Hampshire.  Can we make it to the top

My friend Patches and I have been on an epic ascending trip, and finished up settled in Estes Playground, CO for a few several weeks (it helped that Ed’s Cantina made the sides most potent pint-sized margaritas on Earth).  We was climbing beautiful knife-edge arêtes, terrifying sandbags, and everything in among.  Climbing can certainly be exciting, however like all things you require a break both mentally and physically every so often. We had seen the library as well as abused the free cellular, walked the town’s finite streets, and purchased an awesome vintage bi-cycle for $5 that we rode round the empty campground like swashbuckling, smelly pioneers.  We desired to do something productive’ for our subsequent rest day.

The peak was there, correct, so why not climb the idea  I have climbed large peaks around Quebec and New England, so what could be so special with regards to another peak  The a lot more we looked at the idea the more we recognized how impressive it had been.  On a rest day many of us decided to swallow our incredulous gazes, and try and achieve the summit (we also started doing squats in planning).
This peak is among the (about) 50 peaks within Colorado that are over 14,000 toes.  People try and peak handbag all of them, stone island 533093 but i was just after this one cute-looking creature that protruded from behind the climbing crag we had arrived thrashing on. My spouse and i relished in the undeniable fact that I would be one of the select few who would start off ticking peaks off this particular 14,000ft list (realizing full well I will never do another).
Doesn’t look so tough, right
I then learned that my friend, that dabbles in mountaineering, thought an ‘alpine’ start can be in order.  Once I ceased laughing at his idea of a 3am start, I spotted he was serious.  I put down my own apple juice and slapped him.  Then I set my watch alarm for 3am. The walk hadn’t even started out and I was already irritated. We packed waterproof-breathable covers in case the weather switched sour, and some energy bars for our hip and legs.  Besides that we just were looking forward to what was obviously gonna be a great hike in beautiful country.  We weren’t disappointed.
I could teach you the hundreds of pictures we took from 3:30am as we commenced our hike, nevertheless they turned out black.  It has been dark and our own puny headtorches were covered by the deafening darkness.  Our spirits were chipper, so we talked loudly for that portion of the trail which was below the tree range, not because we’d anything to say to the other person (we had been exploring together for so extended we finished one anothers sentences… in our minds), yet because we were scared of being a evening snack for a tolerate. Then you get across the tree line.

Huge, open expanses filled with not much more than little rocks and turf tufts in every direction.  It virtually looked like a giant Star wars set from the ’60’s.  The eco-friendly slowly withered away to nothingness once we made our high.  Up to what, you don’t know, because the peak can barely be seen around/above steep inclines.  But we were feeling excellent and making great time; our diet of pasta, tuna juice and Mighty Boosh quotes has been paying off.
About three areas of the way up a person hit this difficult plateau full of costly 4-season tents and cute marmots- we never found out if marmots were attracted to 4-season tents or if it was just a coincidence.  We does learn that tough men and women do the massive hike only to set up camp out and climb the enormous big walls. Let me tell you this, if you are hiking full rate with a tiny bookbag and get passed by an older looking gentleman having an enormous haul tote on his back that looks like it is 100 pounds, as well as sandals on his or her feet, you feel fairly inadequate.  Luckily the lovely marmots took our minds of our inadequacies.
The last part was awesome.  I don’t utilize that word like I did when I ended up being 13, but as it must be used.  The section has been extremely impressive and daunting.  You are no longer on a rocky/dirt piste but on pure rock at alarming angles.  The trail experiences that notch (on the right on the 3rd image), and up the back on steep slabs regarding rock.  Not for the weak-kneed.  I would suggest shoes with good hold (approach shoes such as this or this would be the ideal choice) otherwise a tiny slip and you may get 14,000 ft lower in a matter of just a few seconds, and no your Gore-Tex jumper will not be guaranteed in the bottom.

Oh boy, at times the stars align.  Patches i had decided to go for an antique look for Longs Peak (this was before vintage was cool, of course), and what do we find at the summit of the difficult peak with a random day, however two strangers who had decided to stroll it in ’80’s clothing.  Only one thing to stone island 533093 do in this case: summit jump pic!  But as quickly as my friend might be jumping in delight, he can be severe.  And nothing says critical like a pipe as well as our trusty travelling companion Rufus the garden gnome.

We turned around, and headed home, with this subtle feeling of success you get when you stay at the top of a large pile of rock.  It would have been a great day of hiking, which neither people will ever forget.  If ever you get the chance to backpack in Colorado I would recommend swinging by Estes Park for good stone island 533093 food, hard drinks, and painful quads.
Happy hiking trails
ps: I know everybody wants to see the bike, so here you go.

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