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Celebrity Fashion: Writers’ Strike Hurting Fashion Market
First it was your writers.  Then it leaking into the production workers.  The makeup individuals.  The lighting guys.  And then, with no paycheck to arrive, everyone in L . a . stopped going out to eat and getting video games.  Mortgages and also car payments have fallen behind.  And mens stone island messenger bag then, no Golden Globes to watch and mens stone island messenger bag dissect.
So now who’s the latest victim in your two-month-old writers’ strike
The fashion sector.
Yep.  Seems individuals red carpet walks by starlets wearing custom apparel and jewelry that are awesome has become such a worthwhile marketing strategy for the manner industry that many creative designers rely on the My partner Men Adolescent Male Summer Lapel Green and i gotta have it! mentality of the adoring community to rack up scores of award season revenue.  But with no merit shows, there is no red-colored carpet.  Which means absolutely no sales.
Hopefully, the writers will come to some agreement soon.  Basically we could certainly perform without many of the brainless offerings filling television and movie window screens in recent years, there are a few treasures out there that need to be seen and identified.  And of course, the classy strolls down the reddish carpet just increase the enjoyment.
Not to mention the fashion industry’s bottom line…

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