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Eco dye using Eucalyptus
TweetIf you work in environmentally friendly ways you will not bother this balance of nature and involvement by humans.

Draw a circle, make a bowl

Begin your dance to express your current soul
The dyers artwork seems like pure miracle
A chance to learn the secrets of colour
Engrossed in cloth, the evocative smells.
Making a tangible memory of place.
Eucalyptus such as lobster changes color
Telling a story of heat, time and alchemy.
As a textile artist living in Tasmania I am always conscious that I’m surrounded by pristine attractiveness.  The one thing non -Australians know is Tasmania has a reputation of nature, wilderness as well as isolation.  If you operate in sustainable ways you do not disturb this equilibrium of nature and intervention by human beings.
 I eco dye employing Eucalyptus; Eucalyptus is considered one of the most essential sources of natural dyes in the world.  Eucalyptus has enough natural tannins and polyphenols, with the major colouring component being Quercetin, all of these are believed useful during the dyeing procedure because of their ability to resolve dyes with textile.
Hence, I don’t want to use any chemicals whenever dyeing with Eucalyptus.  Just a pot, protein based fabric/yarn and i’m ready to go.
My business in Franklin Tasmania
Collecting results in in Tasmania’s Huon Valley, exactly where my studio is situated, using water, the seasons and collecting relics of past times (metallic found objects), your scarves and knitted artwear comes forth from the process of style, placement end clothing stone island and making.  The alchemy of character produces fine constructed from wool and cashmere objects associated with desire.
Local results in, including Ecualuptus Cordata and Azure Gum
Respecting the environment, by using a dyeing process that merges with the seasons; the location where the time of the eucalyptus development patterns, and the h2o makes a significant difference to the outcomes of the work.  This kind of magical process always inspires and excitement. The resulting performs become a documentation of the stuff found in the Huon Valley, each leaf leaves its indicate, bark and extracted tannin becomes the color scheme of earthy tones found in the scarves and also art wear.
Hand knitted in Silk, after that random woven throughout wool, embellished using wool and man made end clothing stone island fibre knitting and ecologically dyed using Eucalyptus.
Long after leaving the Huon, when owning a geckostrands scarf you will possess taken a journey by way of its flora, the particular reminiscent smell of eucalyptus will linger as you use the works to remind you Stone Island Collarless Rep Jacket In Balck And Orange of your sense of place so unique to be able to Tasmania.
Eco dyed along with Eucalyptus, woven wool connections.
Hand knitted and eco dyed

Some years in the past I participated in a new workshop with get better at Eucalyptus dyer India Flint, this was my own starting point for natural dyeing, but my history was as an art knitting specialist.  Then i decided to merge these types of into my own unique works.
I have journeyed extensively to investigate fabrics and learn about ethnic roots, this facilitates my wider idea of natural dyes.  Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Of india and Asia.

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end clothing stone island

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