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An Interview with Selina König regarding ATOYAK
Tell us with regards to you – family background, personal story, education, and previous professional capacities.
For many years now I have been quite interested in sustainability, lasting e stone miller pawleys island sc agriculture, reducing foodstuff waste and balanced nutrition. I try to add sustainability in my everyday activity as best as I can. It simply happened that form of hosting reasons I relocated from Germany for the Bay Area, where these kind of ideas and concepts have broader audience. I got involved with ATOYAK through my own sister-in- law who is the founder and CEO. Having a business diploma and being enthusiastic about sustainability, and aiding other where possible, made me the perfect prospect for helping her together with ATOYAK.
Family background: We come from a well-situated German middle class family. My partner and i grew up it an extremely “protected” environment, or a “bubble” because my husband likes to input it. At 17 I left my children for the first time to study overseas in the US. Since then I have lived, studied and also worked in Buenos Aires, Argentina,
Singapore, and today in the Silicon Valley. Through travelling my horizons were widened and I started asking things that seemed all-natural to me. Since my mother implemented this thought of good and healthy food choices in me, I started our journey into durability with food. By means of marriage, I have join a Mexican-American family, which can be in many ways the very the complete the family I originate from. It has been a never-ending finding process and introduced me to ethical fashion through ATOYAK.
Education & profession: My spouse and i hold a B.The in International Business and a M.A in European research. My B.The was in cooperation together with IBM in Indonesia, where I finished the degree within 3 years while being an staff at IBM and dealing on 6 distinct 3 months assignments during that time. I completed my M.A final summer, which coincided with moving to the San francisco bay area. Here I work for the tech start-up in the network security industry.
What’s the importance of sustainable manner
We need to use our resources in a sensible and sustainable method, and fashion is piece of the problem.
What about socially aware fashion and design
Anyone behind a product have to be valued. Not only the brand name and artist, but those who in fact produce our style. If we recognize them and empower them through our goods, we give them the tools to delevop themselves, their loved ones, towns, countries.
ATOYAK was founded with the premise to empower ladies in small city in Mexico, known as Atoyac. This is the town in which my husband and his sibling grew up in. Our sister-in- law, Jackie, had been searching for opportunities to empower the ladies she knew and found that knitting along with crocheting was something many knew how to perform. Being a designer the girl came up with a product color scheme, creating the brand ATOYAK. She wanted to create products that represent her concepts and believes concerning living sustainable and also environmentally friendly.
Its explained mission is to “create environmentally friendly job opportunities that encourage women in modest towns of Central america to rise out of low income and live with self-respect.” What are some of the methods ATOYAK is pursuing this mission
ATOYAK has given jobs to women who sometimes didn’t have a job, were offering things to make a little bit of money, or had other jobs they will could hardly live off of. ATOYAK is the best paying company in town, paying the females wages they would just dream of. It has granted them not only fiscal stability, but also produced enthusiasm and expect. Guille, the General Manager surely could send her child Fatima, who also works for ATOYAK part time, to finish secondary school, which otherwise do not need been possible. The lady also started Zumba instructional classes and was able to take more time on her health and well-being. But a majority of importantly Garment-Dyed Cotton Shawl Collar Sweater In Grey it offered her the opportunity to return to school and finish your ex middle school education.
Just how do other companies pursue this specific in general, too
Each and every company can ponder the benefits of a bit more earnings in its own palms, or investing in culture. Because we only become more prosperous in the long run if all of us benefit. Paying fair wages, strengthening workers to grow individually and professionally, creating in an environmentally friendly way, stop striving for surplus, all these are things every single company can implement. Inside today´s world, most considers are driven by volume, not quality. As we go back to owning Three pairs of good high quality and sustainably developed jeans, instead of 12 that are not, we are going in he right direction.
What other work are you involved in at this point in time
At this moment only ATOYAK and my full-time job.
With regard to ethical as well as sustainable fashion organizations, what’s the importance of them now
These companies need to show that ethical fashion can be as trendy, modern in addition to being up to date as the leading fashion companies. They’re going to need to educate specially the young generation making it ‘hip’ to wear lasting fashion.
Thank you for your time, Selina.
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