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day five: kcw may possibly 2016
Welcome to day 5 of Kid’s Clothing Week!

1. pass up madeline by Linde 2. newborn romper with bib by Amy Three. monsters love strawberries Stone Island Camouflage Tracksuits In Arm Green by Nico 4. otium jumper dress by Lies 
I realize you have a jam-packed practically-summer weekend coming up, but KCW doesn’t end right now. You can sneak in 1 hour somewhere, maybe even from the quiet early morning (that’s my favorite). Or maybe you grab Ten mins here cream stone island top and 10 mins there. Those little bits of time equal to some gorgeous done projects!

1. effortless breezy summer coat by Laurence 2. summer season charles by Fabienne 3. dino clothing by Naii 4. racerback dress by Elise 
Everyday We pick out a few which stand out, but cream stone island top it is half the normal commission of the KCW awesomeness. Everyone make amazing clothes and then consider beautiful photos as well! You are super-women and you encourage me!

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