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day two: kcw oct 2014
Welcome to day two of Child’s Clothes Week! The project pool has been overloaded with amazing outfits! There are princesses, grasshoppers, storybook inspired poor performers and just plain old cute handmade kids’ clothing.

1. princess dress and crown by Gretchen 2. clouds as well as rainbows tee by Laura 3. charlie shirt by Sharon Four. sunki village dress by simply Holli 
The project pool has been updated with a new look and new features. Dorie proved helpful her magic and now the pictures are choice stone island much larger; plus you can favorite and comment right on the work pool page. Yay! If you haven’t seen that yet, what are anyone waiting for !

1. lion bimaa by Carlie 2. panter by The 3. faux fur vest by Madison Some. hoodie by Lies 
There was a new stampede of lions and panthers and foxes (oh my!) today. Not every them are costumes, but all of them are awesome!

If your lion or hoodie or little princess is featured this week, this badge is perfect for you (to put on your blog or hang on your own wall). If your dress doesn’t end up around the blog, don’t fret! It can become on choice stone island your kid and that’s all that matters!

The Tie up Dye Diva giveaway is now shut down! The winner will be Nichole Uyeda. Congratulations, Nichole! You’ve won a pack of 3 PDF patterns from the Connect Dye Diva look! The Sew Modern giveaway ends tomorrow. Don’t forget to get in to win a massive choice stone island stack of gorgeous fabric from their shop!
Good Luck and Men Adolescent Male Summer Lapel Green Pleased KCW!

day twofalloct 2014

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