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One Day without shoes
TweetSo precisely what is this one day without shoes day  One Day Without running shoes Day was created with the Californian company known as Toms Cheap Stone Island Wioter Meos Wiodstopper Fleece Grey Shoes to encourage website visitors to pay more attention to the numerous problems a lack of shoes may cause in the lives regarding impoverished children.
Everything started when Blake Mycoskie, the owner of Toms Shoes, visited Argentina throughout 2006 and remarked that many of the children have been running through the roads barefooted. Soon, he found out that a lack of shoes would be a wider problem in Argentina as well as other developing countries anf the husband decided that he desired to use his sneaker company to help Cheap Stone Island Wioter Meos Wiodstopper Fleece Grey them, specially because the lack of shoes or boots often had a severe impact on those children’s lives by frustrating them from attending school and making it much simpler for them to contract various infections.

Mycoskie then came up with the “one for one” business model, meaning that for every pair of shoes his / her company sold, it will provide a new footwear for women free of charge to Stone Island Hooded Fashion Coats the barefoot youth of Argentina and also other developing countries. The 1st 10,000 twos of free shoes were distributed into Argentinian children in October 2006.
This is this kind of great cause which i believe everyone should be familiar with this day. One Day Without footwear Day was created to assist people who have never had to look without shoes or have by no means lived in poverty to put themselves inside the shoes of those who are forced to go without shoes each day.

While this may be hard to perform since we all have work to get to, and for people women who have yet to have a pedicure and really don’t wanna be showing everyone our non-summer foot, show your support by walking around the homes with no footwear on, go outside and just walk down the footpath just to see how it might feel without any sneakers on. While your at work take your shoes off under your cubical (nobody’s gonna notice). You can also go into your closet and give away any old shoes from yourself and your kids and donate these to those that don’t have any, even your clothes whilst your at it. Maybe this day is to point out the things that other’s don’t possess, how lucky we have been to have the things we now have while other’s proceed without, We all direct busy lives and I realize sometimes we do not sit and think of what we should be grateful for however maybe a day this way is hear to be able to remind us.
Remember to spread the word. Young people need to be reminded and have involved in any way we can easily.
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