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The Zoom: Dorothy Brimley
Continuing our series of interviews with gifted young photographers (for you to celebrate our Autumn/Winter ’15 design of photography), now we meet with photographer Sarah Brimley to discover just how she’s forging a career popular after assisting companies household names David Bailey and Chris Floyd.
Photography: Sarah Brimley
Where are you coming from, where do you live, how did you get started in photography
I’m initially from Woking in Surrey now live in South East Greater london. I first got into digital photography because my dad is a keen aviation professional photographer; on family holidays I would always ask to play with his 35mm movie camera.
What was the 1st photo you don’t forget taking
I undoubtedly can’t remember the exact chance, but I would risk a guess that it had been of my mom and dad or sister Stone Island New Fashion Men's Coats Shiny Black away in France.
When did you realise you can become a full-time photographer
That wasn’t until I had Cheap Stone Island Polo T Shirt Clothes Men Green already done my A-Levels which i realised you could research photography as a amount. I guess it obtained me thinking about which as being a career option. I was already genuinely interested in fashion magazines, nevertheless didn’t really think about who was actually taking the photographs in them. Because I hadn’t done A-Levels in art or digital photography either, I had to perform National Diploma in Photography before going to School.
Tell us a bit more about your creative process;
Right now there isn’t really a set way I do things. Often I’ll literally have a dream and it will inspire myself to make a mood table and see if I can get the idea into a history; other times when I ‘m set a brief through my client, I enjoy bounce ideas backwards and forwards between the other creatives active in the shoot, such as the Art Director, or often my favourite make-up artist Lucy Gibson, that is a really good person for you to thrash an idea out with. I prefer to turn up on the day of the shoot with a good mental image of how I need it to look. It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t end up seeking how I imagined, as often the initial idea is just a direction to start in.
Digital or analogue
In the event that money and time constraints weren’t a concern most of the time, I would 100% capture on film.
What equipment do you recommend
I couldn’t care much less about camera equipment, seriously. I am far more straight into my lighting, and would love to invest in a number of sexy HMIs (Ed: that’s any Hydrargyrum medium-arc iodide lamp, for the acronym-spotters on the market).
Photography: Sarah Brimley
How about photography obsesses you
I recently love that with a new frozen moment of time you can tell a story with emotions that can be interpreted in numerous ways by the market. A good photograph holds my attention for a long time, and I can find myself totally wrapped up in the idea.
What’s it is important you’ve learned about your build so far
That there is no right or wrong, and there will always be a mixture of people that adore or hate exactly the same image.
Do you have a digital photography mentor
I have 2: Chris Floyd and Brian Bailey. I assisted both of them for years, and bewteen barefoot and shoes have taught me probably the most valuable lessons.
Which in turn other photographers visualizing inspiring
I am constantly discovering new photography lovers I love, and will go via phases of being preoccupied by one for a time. But the one wedding photographer I have consistently found inspiration from is Paolo Roversi.
Is there a particular chance that inspires a person
For a photographer, that’s rather like being asked to title your favourite music or film – there’s a different answer for every various mood! I guess the actual classic fashion professional photographers of the mid Last century will always be up there simply because they were the first to fit everything in, and didn’t have Illustrator so it had to be best on camera. The pictures of Jean Shrimpton by David Bailey are flawless.
What’s your favourite recent shot
I seriously enjoyed photographing Oliver Cheshire pertaining to GQ Thailand recently (in fact playboy is out now). I’m genuinely into blocked shade at the moment, so this orange jacket against the yellow background definitely skims my boat!
Photography: Cheap Stone Island Polo T Shirt Clothes Men Green Sarah Brimley for GQ Thailand
What’s your very best self shot ever
I’m a bit of a harsh critic associated with my own work, so I’m normally more in the next shoot I have planned!
Who/what is your aspiration shot/subject
I would love to picture Kate Moss before she retires. I’ve seen her in action repeatedly with David Bailey… and also there’s definitely a reason your ex career has had this kind of longevity.
What are a person working on right now
I own a couple of editorials planned that i’m pretty excited about. However mostly at the moment We are focusing on networking and potentially exploring moving image to go along with my fashion perform.
Photography: Sarah Brimley with regard to GQ Thailand
Describe your style…
I would describe my fashion as ‘less is more’.
What do you look for in a great pair of shoes
Timeless classics all the way up!
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