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Get Schooled about the Strange Names black stone island combats of Animal Groups
Find Schooled on the Strange Names of Dog Groups
dweber posted this specific August 29th, 2012

Therefore you’re at a supper party and someone states The other night I was sitting on my patio enjoying a glass of wine each time a kettle Long Black Jacket Coat Winter Clothes 2015 of hawks flew by.  This useful list of the odd names we humans call groups of dog will help you form a proper reply, such as:  Have been they in a facial boil
Should the occasion arise, it will also help you see that you were stung by a smack of jellyfish  and that your crazy aunt stood a pomp of Pekingese.
It might also help you clean up in black stone island combats black stone island combats Trivial Pursuit several rainy weekend.  Hopefully you enjoy this list.
-The Colony of Toads
Alligators                   Congregation
Apes                              Troop
Bats                               Fog up
Bears                            Sloth
Beavers                       Family
Cheetahs                     Coalition
Clams                           Bed
Coyotes                       Wedding ring
Dolphins                    Pod
Elephants                  Herd
Fox                               Earth
Hawks (during flight)   Kettle
Hawks (circling)    Boil
Hedgehogs                Assortment
Jellyfish                     Smack
Pekingese                 Pomp
Rabbits                      Warren
Raccoons                  Gaze
Rattlesnakes           Rhumba
Starlings                   Dray
Tigers                         Ambush
Toads                          Nest
Weasels                     Gang
Zebras                        Charm

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