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Stone Island Leisure brand

Stone Island for Italian brand, was founded in 1981. As the top innovation in the field of sports leisure clothing brand, it focuses on the r&d of material and functional, with men’s clothing and jeans series. Stone Island clothing not only appearance is unique, the color of the item is very gorgeous, clean lines smooth, unique innovative fabrics, rich colors jump, completely broke the monotonous design and color gives a person the depressing feeling. Stone Island has the nautical style, such as after the seawater corrosion of cloth, and on the basis of the research background of the army style. His name is a symbol of love to the sea and used in apparel manufacturing process. He LOGO is its has been outstanding since the first time series embroidery LOGO, contains a compass design, like the medal design on the uniform. The advantage of Stone Island also lies in the ability of interference from the finished product unique, embodied in its outdoor casual clothing company color lab of dyeing and processing technology of continuous testing. This laboratory rely on talent resources and combined with the advanced technology and experience, after years of unremitting efforts, has developed more than 6000 different dyeing formula. All of these accumulated knowledge and experience, are the inalienable property resources, in the vast extent become Stone Island of technical know-how, is retained in the archives. File included the test data, and by a group of passion to engage in this project staff to develop textile dyeing formula.
Stone Island